Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Paid To Search With Swagbucks

Looking for a way to earn some prizes just by doing something that you do every day anyway. What if you could have a shot at earning prizes every time you looked something up in a search engine. There is a way to do this, it's called Swagbucks is the best paid to search website by far. This site is so great and impressed me so much I actually started a blog just to talk about it and spread the word. You simply use Swagbucks as you search engine and every time you search you earn swag bucks, these swag bucks are redeemed from prizes. There is such a huge amount of prizes to choose from that I'd have to make a entire other post just to list them.

Gift cards are my prize of choice. You can get a $5 gift card for only 45 swag bucks, this can easily be earned in a week or so. I have earned as much as two of them in a week. My second favorite prize is the $20 Target gift certificate at only 220 swag bucks. Like I said those are only a small fraction of the total prize vault.

Everything I've told you so far isn't even the best part. When ever you sign up a friend to Swagbucks you earn what they earn. Every single swag buck they earn your a swag buck. Sign up as many friends as you can and those swag bucks add up very quickly. After you've gotten all you friends to sign up, why stop there? Go to forums, blogs, make your own blog, tell the world. I started advertising swag bucks about three months ago and already have 48 people signed up under me. How many swag bucks do I get? Lets just put it this way, I never have to by Christmas or birthday presents for my friends and family anymore. I order all their gifts online at As a matter of fact I am earning so many swag bucks that I have almost $100 left over on my Amazon account.

My next prize goal is a $300.00 gift card to the apple store. This prize costs 3700 swag bucks and I am already almost half way there after only one month. So what are you waiting for, it couldn't be easier, sign up and start earning today!

Search & Win

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